Summer Favorites

Happy Wednesday! I am very sorry about the little hiatus due to summer traveling but I am excited to share a new post with y’all today! This past summer has slipped by so quickly. I feel like the beginning of summer was just yesterday. It is so crazy to believe that I will be heading up to college for orientation this week.

While I was packing up my clothes, accessories, and toiletries for my dorm, I made sure to put in these five items that I have been using since the beginning of the summer:

  1. Ray Ban Sunglasses: I have been using these sunglasses every day this summer. They not only block out the sun very well because the their lenses are polarized, but also add a nice summer-y pop of color to any outfit. My favorite way to wear them this summer was on a bike ride with my sister. 
  2. Keds Slip-On Sneakers: At first I was a little unsure about jumping on the slip-on sneaker trend but after receiving these shoes I decided I loved it! Slip-on sneakers are so easy to put on and are very comfortable for summer adventures. I packed these shoes with me when I went to Europe this summer and I almost wore them everyday because they were perfect for touring.
  3. Sony Selfie Camera: I got this camera as a graduation gift this year and I have been using it ever since. Although it is a small camera, it takes high-quality pictures and it offers a unique view because of its flipping screen. My sister and I used the ‘selfie mode’ to take multiple pictures throughout our travels this summer.
  4. Kendra Scott Isla Necklace: I love how compatible this piece is with various outfits. The necklace is simple in shape but it has an pearl-like iridescence to it which makes it so unique. It added a nice touch to some of my flowy dresses that I wore to family dinners throughout the summer. 
  5. Parisian Mints: This last favorite is something I typically would not try but ever since I had this mint in Paris, I have been loving it. I picked up a small tin of these mints in the duty-free section of the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris and I have been carrying it with me ever since. The mints are sweet but they freshen your breath quickly, perfect for on-the-go. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Comment below some of your favorite products this summer.




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